Patriots Cheerleader Alexa Flutie Should Jump to Canada

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FOXBORO, Mass. – Alexa Flutie, who finally made the New England Patriots cheerleading team this year, should consider a move to the CFL (Canadian Football League), says one scout, who asked not to be identified.

“She’s too small and too slow for the National Football League (NFL),” said the scout. “She’d do better in Canada, where the game is more suited to her talents: great eyes and a high football IQ.”

Ms. Flutie, twenty-three, failed to make the Patriots team in her first three attempts, the scout continued, even though she had enjoyed great success as the quarterback of the cheerleading team at Dean College in Franklin, Massachusetts.

“The college cheerleading game is a lot different from the pros,” said the scout. “The pro game is much quicker, and the girls are bigger. Alexa’s a nice little cheerleader, but she reminds me of a good college quarterback who really hasn’t got the size or the game to be more than a marginal player in the NFL.”

Although she is listed at 5’2″ in the Patriots program, Ms. Flutie is closer to five feet, observers say. Her size makes it difficult for the other girls to see her on the field, and it limits her effectiveness in calling changes in routines.

Ms. Flutie, however, doesn’t see her height as a problem.

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“My dad is only 5’8″ at most, and he played in the NFL. I don’t want to spend a lot of time in Canada, like he did, when I could be cheering in the NFL.”

Mr. Flutie—best known for his Hail Mary pass that carried Boston College to a victory over Miami in 1984—was drafted in the eleventh round (number 285 overall) in the 1985 NFL draft. No Heisman Trophy winner who was drafted was ever drafted lower. He says he would support his daughter if she chose to jump to the CFL..

“Canada was certainly good to me,” said Mr. Flutie, forty-eight. “This is cheerleading the way it’s supposed to be done. It’s supposed to be fun, enjoyable . . . the NFL was such a grind, I don’t miss it. But I really miss the CFL.”

Ms. Flutie, who confesses that she has “always idolized cheerleaders,” lists helping to achieve world peace and dancing backup for Britney Spears as her goals in life. She allows that she does have one incentive for cheering in Canada: her current boyfriend, Peter Giannikopoulos, plays wide receiver for the Western Ontario Mustangs.

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