Satire Site Calls for Boycott of West Chester Restaurant


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WEST CHESTER, PA—Postcards from the Pug Bus, West Chester’s longest-running satire site, has called for an immediate boycott of the Market Street Grill, located in the borough, which has chosen to defy Governor Wolf’s current ban on indoor dining in the commonwealth.

“We cannot allow restaurant owners to put profits above public safety during this pandemic,” said Chip Hilton, the roving food, music, and wellness editor of the Pug Bus.

“Besides, if your food is brought to you by someone wearing a mask, you ought to be eating at home … and that’s what we’re advising our readers to do.”

Hilton, who thinks “restaurant owners need to get over themselves,” calls the Market Street Grill’s attempts to justify its decision “incoherent and self-serving.”

Darla Riccetti, part owner of the grill, recently told the Daily Local News, “We are trying to save the business. We don’t want to get anybody sick.”

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“That argument’s harder to stomach than their sausage gravy,” laughed Hilton. “Slinging hash is only a solution to the first problem—saving the business. It’s not the way to go if you “don’t want to get anybody sick.” Can she guarantee that no one who eats there will get sick? Really?

“If the idiot who wrote that piece for the Daily Local had any wit or integrity, he would have asked her how many people she would be willing to see get sick in order to save her business. We’d all like to know that answer.”

The indoor-dining ban went into effect December 12. That same day West Chester Borough police contacted Market Street Grill after receiving a complaint that people were eating inside. Police then reported the restaurant to the state department of agriculture, which has the authority to shut down a restaurant for non-compliance.

Hilton says that in urging the boycott, he is not trying to make an example of the Market Street Grill, even if they aren’t taking customers’ temperatures before seating them. 

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“What’s not to like about a place with great stoner food where the waitresses always warn you, ‘Be careful, hon, that plate’s hot.’ And don’t forget all that funky art on the walls … and the fact that every third diner knew your name. At this rate every third diner will be dead in a month.”  

Please join our boycott by filling out the brief form used to report restaurants that refuse to comply with the law. The form is available from the PA State Government here.

“Vote early and often,” says Hilton, “and don’t forget to mention that the grill isn’t even bothering to take customers’ temperatures before seating them.”    

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