We Can’t Breathe Either

WEST CHESTER, Pa.–Despite the volumes of smoke ringing the Pug Bus inside and out, we are chuffed to announce that the bus and its Photoshopped crip sticker are good to park anywhere they fucking well please for another few years.

Look for the pug bus lurking at a school yard near you or nestled among the grungy RVs and clapped out campers in your local WalMart parking lot or peddling grilled-cheese-and-mushroom sandwiches at a Phish concert.

Wherever or whenever, happy new year; and if you’re making up your 2015 Fuck-It list, here are some things you ought to stop doing before it’s too late: pissing indoors, wearing seat belts, coming to a full stop, hugging anybody for any reason, listening to hip-hop, checking The Huffington Post, watching network television, paying for music and movies (books and software, too), voting for anybody for any reason.

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