Angelina Jolie Buys Domain Names for Namibian Children

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SWAKOPMUND, Namibia – Angelina Jolie has created an endowment to fund the purchase of domain names for Namibian children. Ms. Jolie, the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, created the endowment to “level the playing field in chat rooms and on message boards for Namibian kids,” said a Jolie spokeswoman.

According to the terms of the endowment, all computer-
owning parents or legal guardians who are citizens of Namibia qualify for a $15 grant to purchase a domain name from the registry of their choice when their children reach the age of ten. Grants are renewable until a child reaches the age of fifteen or begins working full time, whichever comes first.

“Namibian children often feel at a disadvantage when communicating with children from wealthier countries because they (Namibian children) don’t have their own domain names,” said the Jolie spokeswoman.

“It’s so 1996 to have [email protected] for an e-mail address,” she continued. “It’s much cooler to have an address like [email protected]. Angelina believes that self-consciousness about not having a domain name contributes to Namibia’s ranking as one of the three countries with the lowest rates of computer utilization in the world. (Estonia and Viet Nam are the other two.)

In related news, gossip columnists for computer magazines are buzzing over the news that Angelina Jolie has purchased the domain name shilohnouveljoliepitt.com for her newborn daughter. The name was registered May 27, the day Shiloh was born.

“Geeks are popping their SoBe No Fears after noticing that Angelina alone was listed as the registrant contract for shilohnouveljoliepitt.com,” wrote Bits’n’Bytes in Computer World. “Why wasn’t Brad included? Does this mean there’s trouble in Brangelinaland? And why did Angie register the name for a one-year term only?”

Attempts to view Shiloh’s website were unsuccessful. When Bits’n’Bytes tried to access the site, the following message appeared: “You are not authorized to view this site by either Ms. Jolie or the Republic of Namibia. Log off at once or be shot.”    

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