Sunday, December 10, 2023
Our Gang

Meet Our Illustrious Staff

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Phil Maggitti, editor in briefs, is a retired freelance writer and editor living in a land of virtual reality with his wife, a Boston terrier, a cat, the ashes of a dozen or so former pets, and a ready supply of THC capsules. Phil has written nine books and more than 800 articles in the last four decades. He spent most of his time prior to that in a drug-induced stupor, honing his craft and courting his muse, who rejected him.

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Biff Scuzzy

Biff Scuzzy, our “special” events correspondent, is from Altoona, Pennsylvania, though not as far from Altoona as some people still living there might prefer. Biff, whose Christian name has been revoked, attended Bryn Mawr and Princeton before taking a degree from Goldey Beacom Virtual University in Harlingen, Texas. Goldey Beacom has asked him repeatedly to return that degree, but to no avail. Biff is also a regular contributor to the delinquency of minors.

Chip Hilton

Chip Hilton, cultural affairs desk editor, is a talented but fragile waif who was named after an impossibly noble fictional sports hero of the 1950s. Chip is a bipolar, bimodal, biweekly contributor to this site. His byline has also appeared on the lavatory walls of some of this country’s finest men’s—and women’s—rooms. His latest book, Flattery is the Best Policy, is available in the remainder bins of non-discriminating bookstores everywhere.

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