Friday, September 22, 2023

Author: philmaggitti

Book of Daze

National Birthnaming Day

The trans movement is not without anything if it is not without a sense of humor, irony, fair play, and style. Trannies too often behave like straight-up, humorless bullies, vicious, eye-gouging guttersnipes who use meanness … Read on


Bus Stop

The school-bus yellow school bus rattled down Meeting House Road with twenty or so prep school students on board. They were escorted by a history teacher with red-orange hair at the wheel, and another teacher, … Read on


It’s the THC, Stupid

WEST CHESTER, PA–The average American pick-up truck has gained 1,142 pounds since 1990. The average American, about the same. The average Phish tune, in concert, added nearly two minutes around its middle, and personal pizzas … Read on


Your Horoscope Is Determined By Your Car

Gemstones, colors, and planetary alignment are the traditional ingredients in the astrological stew. Unfortunately they emphasize nature to the exclusion of nurture, thereby yielding one-dimensional, lifeless predictions. Catmando, our guest astrologer today, believes that nurture isRead on

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