Tuesday, April 16, 2024
You Can't PhotoShop This

What Would Nixon Do? You Can’t Photoshop This

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We were watching the Villanova-Temple game last night, half paying attention to an interview with a former Temple player, half poking around on our tablets, half sucking on a phatty, when what to our wandering eyes should appear but the accompanying image.

“Holy fucking shit,” we sputtered, “that’s funny.”

Then we got to thinking: what, indeed, would Nixon do? We hadn’t seen anyone ask that question for a while—and we frequent a lot of conservative (and even more conservative) media.

So, Skippy, what d’ya think Nixon would do about the current fractured state of the United States? Would he update his enemies list? He should. This country has more and worser enemies than it did in Nixon’s time—both within and without our borders. President Obama has an enemies list, and unlike Mr. Obama, the list is more than half white.

Would Shaun King be on Nixon’s Memorial Enemies List? Would the #BlackLivesMatter movement get a nod? How about all the Cam Newton apologists/Peyton Manning haters of all races? Or the liberaltards at ESPN who never met a thug they wouldn’t hire if he escapes prosecution. These folks and a shitload of others are on our enemies list. We are pleased to be known by the enemies we keep. Mr. Nixon was.

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