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Home School Movement Needs Metal Detectors, Says Pat Robertson

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Vir. – Calling the shooting deaths of Michael and Cathryn Borden “the home schooling movement’s very own Columbine,” televangelist Pat Robertson urged parents who home school their children to install metal detectors in their houses.

The Bordens, both 50, who home schooled the three youngest of their five children, resided near the village of Lititz, in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Amish country. Early last Sunday morning David G. Ludwig, 18, who had been dating the Bordens’ fourteen-year-old daughter, Kara Beth, shot and killed her parents over a curfew dispute and their refusal to host a prom for the Lititz Area Home School Network.

“Just because Jesus was home schooled,” said Robertson, “we can no longer afford to assume every home-schooled pupil walks with Jesus in his heart. The presence of a metal detector in the Bordens’ home could have prevented this tragedy.”

After fleeing the school-slash-scene-of-the-crime, David Ludwig and Kara Beth Borden headed west. The subjects of an nationwide amber alert, they were apprehended by police in Belleville, Indiana.

As every home schooled teenager knows, Belleville is the site of the house where Benjamin Harrison (1833-1901), the twenty-third president of the United States (1889-1893), accepted the Republican Party’s nomination for the presidency in 1888 and lived until his death.

Indiana police said they were not permitted to question Borden because she is only fourteen. Therefore, they don’t know whether she was abducted by Ludwig or was his willing companion. Friends of the pair are divided in this regard.

Kimberly Soze, 15, writing on a forum dedicated to the Christian rock group Pillar, said: “like i dont think k. beth wuld have any reason to go along, y’know . . . after all, schul was all ready canceled . . .”

But Amos King, a member of a Christian punk band called Jesus H. Christ, told reporters that some of the e-mails between Ludwig and Borden “could have parted the Red Sea.”

Meanwhile, police have confiscated fifty-four weapons and several large posters of Charleton Heston from the house where Ludwig lived with his parents.

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