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How Well Do You Know Schrödinger’s Cat?

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For most of us Schrödinger’s cat is a meme without a meaning. Chances are we have seen a reference to this elusive feline somewhere in a book, article, movie, or television show; but chances are equal that we really don’t know fuck-all about this creature. Therefore, the Pug Bus has devised the following quiz about Schrödinger’s cat to commemorate his (Schrödinger’s) death on January 4, 1961 at the age of seventy-three. The correct answers to the questions depend on your point of view.

Erwin Schrödinger received ___________ in recognition of his work in _____.
A) a Google doodle . . . quantum physics
B) a Nobel prize . . . telecommunication eavsdropping research
C) a presidential pardon . . . counter-intelligence game theory
D) a PETA citation . . . spay-neuter promotion

Dr. Schrödinger died from ______.
A) toxoplasmosis
B) cat scratch fever
D) cognitive dissonance

When he invented his namesake cat, Dr. Schrödinger was having a laugh at the expense of ______.
A) the “Copenhagen interpretation” of quantum mechanics
B) the failures of the first clumping-kitty-litter experiments
C) San Mateo style pet-limitation ordinances
D) the advocates of intelligent design

If Schrödinger’s cat were allowed to reproduce unencumbered, it would produce _______ descendants in ten years.
A) ±0.005
B) the first prime number larger than 1,000,000
C) 1+ (E=MC2)
D) a^2+b^2=c^2

Which of the following sold for $16,500 on eBay recently?
A) a gag package of quantum kitty litter
B) a never-opened Schrödinger’s lunch box
C) a case of Schrödinger’s boxed wines
D) a 1951 Schrödinger’s Cat Box by Hummel    

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