Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Owen Wilson Weekend Horoscopes

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WEST CHESTER, Penna. – Born today you are the sort who doesn’t get your nose out of joint easily. You are cheerfully willing to accept whatever life sends your way, whether it’s an also-ran finish in the sexiest-person-in-the-office contest or an also-ran finish to Matthew McConaughey in People magazine’s sexiest-man-alive voting. What’s more, you play well with others, and you never let a bad hair day get you down.

Scorpio (10/24 – 11/21): Your financial prospects are so wretched you could only afford the new George Foreman heavyweight grill on a time-sharing arrangement with a family that’s overly fond of road kill. Later in the weekend a 300-pound canary named Junior will raise the specters of duality, reincarnation, and Rosie O’Donnell in your mind.

Sagittarius (11/22 – 12/21): Bad news, kid. The world is not your diaper. The wind is in your face; your ruling house is in denial; the road slopes downward to meet you, and your dreams are wearing toe tags. What’s more, the four horsepersons of the apocalypse are saddling up to go barrel racing on your front lawn.

Capricorn (12/22 – 1/19): Your evening plans are set afire by Courtney Love. After a group of nuns fails to put the fire out with holy water, a paraplegic oaf saves your life by chugging cans of Fosters and spitting their contents on the fire. Let this be a lesson to you. Half an oaf is better than nuns.

Aquarius (1/20 – 2/18): The sudden appearance of a Rodney Dangerfield screen saver leads you to suspect that your computer has been infected by the diabolical Nobody Loves Me virus. Your fears are confirmed when everything you read turns to cliches. That’s the way the cookie crumbles, I suppose; but if you play your cards right, at least you won’t be crying over spilt milk.

Pisces (2/19 – 3/20): You think you’ve met your soulmate during an all-night session in a Pee Wee Herman chat room on the Internet? Before flying to San Francisco for decaf latte and Ecstasy with this individual, ask yourself whether it’s someone to revere or just another preternatural smile looking for a toothpaste ad to sink its teeth into.

Aries (3/21 – 4/19): While waiting on hold to talk to a consultant at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, you overhear a conversation between two high-level officials. They’re discussing a new weight-reduction drug that eliminates appetite without the usual side effects of dry mouth, flashes of all-consuming rage, and shattering paranoia. Your first reaction is to hang up so you won’t be tempted to profit from this information. What are you, nuts?

Taurus (4/20 – 5/20): You are a zircon in the rough, all polyester and half a yard wide. So what? Don’t permit your lack of authenticity to become a pink flamingo around your neck. Any dweeb can be genuine. That requires little thought and less concentration. Truly creative people know that their greatest masterpieces are themselves.

Gemini (5/21 – 6/21): Are you trapped inside the prison of your own gestalt, incapable of seeing a pool of water without pausing to gaze into it raptly? Are you cold, ruthless, unable to relate to anything but your own needs? If so, you should make an effort to get in touch with your feminine side. This is particularly important if you’re a woman.

Cancer (6/22 – 7/22): Although you, like most Cancers, are a born complainer, you should consider the possibility that your present life is a last request from a previous existence. You should also try to discover why you were executed in that existence and what your first requests were.

Leo (7/23 – 8/22): Time to start thinking outside the box. If life sends you lemons, why not make filet of sole with a lemon-wedge garnish? If the chickens come home to roost, get out the Shake ‘n’ Bake. Who cares for whom the damn bell tolls anyway? Let the answering machine get it.

Virgo (8/23 – 9/22): Your volcanic temper becomes cause for concern after you microwave your palm top for failing to boot up quickly enough. A friend convinces you that your best shot for salvation lies in the Smith and Wesson Anger Management Program. Pugnacious thinks you should know that your friend got this bright idea from his dog.

Libra (9/23 – 10/23): Half your current dilemma—the benign half—is occasioned by the fact that yours is the only inanimate sign of the zodiac. Your other problems stem from a reverse case of attention deficit disorder: People have trouble paying attention to you. A prosthetic runny nose should serve to focus their attention.    

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