Britney Spears Birthday Message to Her Sister, Jamie Lynn

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MALIBU – Happy fifteen, Lil’ Sis. Can you believe it? Fifteen already? Before ya know it, yule be married with a husband and a baby of yore own to support. Ha, ha. If that don’t make you wish you were fifteen again, nothing will.

In the meantime, Lil’ Sis, don’t take anything for granite. Live every day like its the last day of the rest of your life. Yule never know when it could be, and once yore gone, there’s no turning around.

Remember too, Lil’ Sis, that life is full of weird caricatures. Yule meet alot of Trojan whores and wolves in cheap clothing before you find Prince Charmin, pacifically, the guy who will put you on a pedal sill.

No matter how many underminded people you meet, Lil’ Sis, always live by the Gulden’s Rule: Do under others as you would have them do under you. Just do it first. LMFAO! All seriousness aside, though. There is no anecdote for selfishness.

Well, Lil’ Sis, I’ve got to give Sean Preston another driving lesson. Ha, ha. Enjoy yore birthday. Don’t do anything I would do, and make sure the only candles you blow out are the ones on the cake.



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