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Nicole Richie Splits from DJ Again, Another Book Is Blamed

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HOLLYWOOD – Once again a book has come between author Nicole Richie and her ex-fiance Adam Goldstein. Ms. Richie, 24, and Mr. Goldstein, 33, were engaged in February last year; but he called it quits in December, one month after the publication of Ms. Richie’s first novel, The Truth about Diamonds. Apparently Truth contained too much “truth” about Mr. Goldstein, a professional club DJ who goes by the name DJ AM.

According to friends of the couple, Mr. Goldstein was offended by Ms. Richie’s archly satirical portrayal of DJ PM, a professional club DJ, in Diamonds.

“He seen too much of hisself in that character,” said Kevin Federline, Britney Spears’ partner in reproduction. “He didn’t think it was no coincidence. Even their names was close.”

The Truth about Diamonds is a roman a clef about a popular Hollywood socialite named Chloe Parker, the adopted daughter of a glamorous woman and her washed-up-music-star husband, whose career died of embarrassment after his wife found him with another woman and kicked his ass seven ways to Sunday.

Chloe Parker does copious quantities of drugs, runs with a posse of wealthy brats, hangs at all the hottest clubs, and loses an alarming amount of weight. She also stars in a reality series with “a vapid, amoral, VD-ridden friend,” who soon becomes Ms. Parker’s enemy and starts pestering her with crank phone calls.

In addition, Ms. Parker is engaged to a “wannabe DJ with a double dose of WMD (White Man’s Disease): He can’t dance and he wishes he was black.”

Ms. Richie depicted DJ PM as “a hanger on who wants to hang his cargo pants in some rich woman’s closet.” He pesters her to twist the arms of managers at the clubs she frequents until they agree to hire him in return for her continued presence at the clubs.

In the end of Diamonds he listens to a books-on-tape version of the novel and breaks their three-month engagement after hearing Chloe Parker skewer his taste in clothes, the music he plays, and even his manhood.

Despite Mr. Goldstein’s profound resentment over the way he was portrayed in The Truth about Diamonds, he and Ms. Richie resumed dating early this year.

“Nicole showed him that stuff in the front of the book, and he bought it,” said Mr. Federline.

The stuff to which Mr. Federline referred was the standard disclaimer about “any resemblance between the characters in this novel and persons whose careers are living or dead is purely coincidental.” That sealed the deal for Mr. Goldstein.

“Once Nicole told me it was just an accident that the character in her book said the same [stuff] to her that I did, I knew I still loved her,” Mr. Goldstain told a friend.

All was green lights and blue skies between Mr. Goldstein and Ms. Richie until she began working on a follow-up to The Truth About Diamonds called More Truth About Diamonds. According to friends, Ms. Richie is writing the novel on her Blackberry. When Mr. Goldstein borrowed it to check his e-mail one day, he accidentally stumbled across a chapter in which Chloe Parker brags about convincing DJ PM that she wasn’t really talking about him in her first book—when, in fact, she was.

The rest, as they say, is deja vu all over again.

In other news, Dutch police released a teenager whom witnesses claimed to have seen with long, deep scratches in his face shortly after Natalee Holloway had disappeared from the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba. The teenager, identified only as Guido W., was the 315th suspect to be detained, questioned, and released in the Holloway case. Fox News is devoting round-the-clock coverage to this story.    

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